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My Clients have access to training plans for every goal with an exercise database containing 3,000+ animated exercises.  For Gold and Platinum members I offer 1 on 1 hands on training to target unique goals or train for specific upcoming events/competitions.  

Healthy nutrition and eating the right foods is vital for achieving great results and live a healthy lifestyle. Based on your biometric data, your lifestyle and your personal goal, a tailor-made nutrition plan will be created so you work on your fitness in the kitchen as well! Members can take full advantage of the advanced Nutrition System, including a personal food log connected to a database with thousands of foods.

My client can assess progress in real time with progress tracking features. Accessible via the mobile app or the web platform, you’ll be able to keep an eye on how your doing whenever, wherever. For Gold and Platinum members this is part of our weekly face to face web calls.


for a short time It's FREE!  Yes 1 week full access to my Bronze Membership at no cost.  

Take it out for a test drive, kick the tires and see what she can do.


Bronze Members gain access to:

  • my database containing over 3,000 animated exercises

  • HNL Weekly Fitness challenge groups

  • Monthly Goal driven Workout Programs

  • Mobile app 

  • Web platform

  • Personal Fit-Profile

  • Track activities & burnt calories

  • Unlimited goals & progress tracking

  • Add your own Activities

  • Full Workout Player

  • Workout Plans & Print option 

  • your own Workout Plan Creator

  • Advanced Nutrition System

  • PRO Picture frame

  • Full support for Connected Devices

$9.99 Per month

Silver Members gain access to BRONZE Features +



  • Silver members add my HNL nutrition plans based on goals, lifestyle changes, and specific body transformations 


$29.99 Per month


gold Members gain access to SIlver Features +


  • custom training programs built just for your desired outcomes including:

    • strength training with w/ body fat reduction  

    • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

    • mommy to be

    • back to bikini (post baby)

    • sports focus

  • custom Nutrition Programs bases on your specific needs 

  • Weekly Video chat  &  messaging

$150.00 Per month